Nevver was born from an idea of ​​us, four simple guys who believed in a dream bigger than them.

Decided to realize we started our journey and developed a product destined to revolutionizing the market and our lives.

The adventure originated in the province of Verona, where the footwear sector boasts a great experience and an artisan tradition that still makes the Made in Italy brand. famous all over the world.

We started in 2019, hopeful and galvanized by our first sales campaign, we realized what the potential of our project was; the arrival of the pandemic in 2020 was a severe blow, the whole world was brought to its knees and the fashion industry with it.

With the recklessness that characterizes the young age we faced a ruthless market reality , but probably thanks to our innocence we had the strength and the will to take a big responsibility on our shoulders at an unfavorable time to say the least.

Faith and willpower were determined for growth of the project, from a few shops in the province of Verona we managed to expand into all the regions of northern and central Italy up to land in Austria.

Our goal remains to pass on to people that the Italian heritage of quality and attention to detail remains an imperishable aspect, which is transmitted over the generations and is reflected on who we are and what we do, because it is in history and in the soul that identity resides.


High quality footwear MADE IN ITALY completely in first choice leather, including the inner lining: this ensures durability and, in combination with the sole, excellent insulation of the foot from the external environment (from cold in winter and from heat in summer).

Regarding the Running model, a high quality Italian technical material has been added that makes the shoe more dynamic, light and waterproof.

Sole in natural white rubber, stitched and glued to ensure long life and strong hold over time , with a wide sole to ensure maximum comfort .

Anatomical insole with high thickness in the back to better support walking, and raised in the false foot, to ensure maximum support for every type of foot; also lined in leather.

Assembly technique of the innovative shoe, called STROBEL , which favors flexibility and adaptability to the foot making the shoe more light , dynamic and comfortable .

Cotton laces and other support materials used are also of Italian production.